Olympus Video EndoEye Repair


Proendoscopy provides in-house repair and refurbishment services for the Olympus Video EndoEye video endoscope system from Olympus.   This technology combines traditional rigid endoscope and surgical camera which reduces the number of lenses in the typical rigid shaft endoscope.   This so called "chip-on-a-stick" technology has similar durability issues to both rigid scopes and surgical camera heads; reflective in much higher OEM service costs.  Our quality repair alternative drives savings for our customers on this emerging technology. 

These are the models we repair for Olympus brand:

  •         A4801A, A4805A, A50001A, A50003A, A50021A, A50023A
  •         LTF-VH, LTF-VP
  •         WA50011A, WA50013A, WA50013L, WA50015L, WA50021B, WA50023B, WA50023S, WA50121A


Type of repair: Minor and Major Repair Including CCD Replacement


Rigid Video Laparoscopes and HD Endoeye Telescopes:

Low Level Repair:

- Electrical connector repaired

- Switch covers repaired

- Bent shaft repaired

- Minor dents and scratches on shaft removed

- Lens cover polished

- Light guide lens prong replaced

- Cuts and/ or small holes in light guide tube repaired

Intermediate Level Repair:

- Electrical circuit board repair

- Light guide tube/ Electrical connector tube replaced

- Switch complete assembly repair/ replaced

- Wire harness re-wired/ replaced

- Electrical housing paddle replaced

- Inner and Outer tube replacement (re-fiber) with new desiccant installed

- Insertion tube shaft window at distal tip end replaced

High Level Repair:

- CCD chip re-wire with new components installed

- Electrical circuit board replaced

- Optical system repair/ replaced

- CCD chip negative lens replaced

Extreme Level Repair:

- CCD chip complete overhaul with optical system replaced


Flexible Video Laparoscopes EndoEYE Deflectable Tip:

Low Level Repair:

- Angulations adjusted

- Control lever replaced

- Bending rubber replaced

- Cover lens polished

- Electrical connector pins cleaned

- Light guide prong cleaned

- Moisture removed

- Complete switch assembly repaired, including ribbon and buttons

Intermediate Level Repair:

- Electrical circuit board repaired

- Light guide / Electrical connector tube replaced

- Light guide connector prong end lens cap repaired / replaced

- Angulations adjusted, including stoppers

High Level Repair:

- Control body prong end replaced

- Light guide bundle cleaned and refitted / replaced

- Electrical circuit board replaced-with entire components

- Angulation system overhaul

- Electrical connector overhaul

- Optical system repaired / replaced

Extreme Level Repair:

- CCD chip re-wire

- Light guide prong adapter repaired/ replaced

- CCD chip replacement - all components, including optical system assembly


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